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Welcome! ASIA GLOBAL FASHION (Pvt.) LTD (AGFL) is a global trading company managing the source of supply and the delivery of textile and garments products but we have garments manufacturing and exporting unit over here in Bangladesh. The main focus of our business is to provide apparel sourcing services to our esteemed clients & to allow them a most satisfying buying experience. We cater directly to apparel retailers & importers worldwide & are currently providing services to a wide range of big US, Canadian & European retailers/importers.

ASIA GLOBAL FASHION (Pvt.) LTD (AGFL) was established with a mission of providing exceptional and personalized services to our clients & to fulfill this mission.

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ASIA GLOBAL FASHION (Pvt.) LTD (AGFL) is committed to develop close ties with our esteemed customers through personalized services, cooperation, and assistance, which translate into the highest standards in quality, delivery time, and value. Our hands-on and versatile management approach allows us to monitor all the processes, from pre-assessments to shipping, in order to address and comply with all of our customers’ needs and expectations. Our staff is guided by principles of integrity and ethical business practices to ensure our customers’ confidence. This is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as an apparel manufacturer & supplier and thanks for your taking sometime to know about us.

ASIA GLOBAL FASHION (Pvt.) LTD (AGFL) is a manufacturer and exporter of RMG for leading retail chain operators, brands, wholesalers and department stores in the EU, USA, Canada, South America, South Africa, Asia and Australia. Our sourcing network involves with 200+vendors which make everything possible to ensure quality and timely delivery of products to our valued clients.

We have mastered on local market knowledge having the ability to source raw materials at very competitive rate. Our production and technical expertise do their best to keep the cost to the lowest. We have long standing relation with our vendors to improve consumption and efficiency.

Our customers are offered with a wide range of knitted (sweater & circular) and woven products ranging Active wear, Sportswear, Athletic, Loungewear, Sleepwear & Undergarments for Men’s and Ladies, Boys and Girls & Children (covering almost all designs, embellishments and washes) at the most competitive price, admirable quality and well-timed delivery.

Our detailed product list consist of many items of Circular Knitted ( T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Tank Top, Ladies Blouse, Fleece, Polar Fleece ), Flat Knit (Sweater 3gg, 5gg, 7gg, 12gg, ) Woven ( Shirt, Pants, Shorts ) & Under Garments ( Lingerie, Swim Wear, Beach Wear - Bikini , String, Thong etc. ), Home Textiles ( House Hold Textiles, Towel, Kitchen Wear ), Work Wear, Uniform, Children Wear, Fleece Jackets, Sweat Shirt, Sports Wear, Night Wear, Polyester Jersey & Functional items etc.

We also have a strong sourcing link so that we can deliver all kinds of produce with our expertise.

ASIA GLOBAL FASHION (Pvt.) LTD (AGFL) was established with a mission of providing exceptional and personalized services to our clients & to fulfill this mission.

The Buying House along with a group of expert & dedicated staffs under the supervision highly professional personals. Now our total Men powers gradually increasing more to join in our working team. Our Merchandising Dept. is well equipped & our efficient QC team use to look after every articles during production till shipment as per the buyers required quality.

Efficient and Experienced Commercial Team use to take care of the related documents as well as taking care of the Banking Sector, BOI (Board of Investment), EPB (Export Promotion Bureau), BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturing Exporter Association) & BKMEA (Bangladesh Knit Manufacturing Exporter Association), Customs , Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines etc.

Being a Buying House One of our core responsibilities is to give surety that the product purchased and released for shipment conforms to be Customer's requirement. Our services include all that a buyer needs for successful buying. Our objective is to provide total customer satisfaction by offering a range of quality garments at our reasonable prices. Our quick feedback to our customers' needs and well maintained production schedules have earned us reputed customers in Europe…..USA. We also welcome customers from other parts of the world. We are always ready to accept challenge and meet that through our commitment and high quality garments as per our buyer requirements.

We always look forward to extending our network and activities to have a better business solution for our valued clients.

We are hopeful of closer and long-term business relationship with you. We will be appreciative to receive your specifications and area of interest.


S. M Tofazzal Hossain

Managing Director & CEO

Asia Global Fashion (Pvt.) Ltd is a 100% Export oriented garments buying house and manufacturing company, specialized in sweater , knit , woven , jacket etc . AGFL offers the most competitive prices, excellent quality and prompt delivery to buyers. Directors of AGFL have 15 years of technical, production & marketing background.

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M Abul Kashim

Director (Operation )

Expertise Solution

At AGFL, you will be endowed with excellent services by industry’s leading professionals having extensive work experience with leading worldwide retail stores and brands. Our corporate strategy necessitates that we exceed your expectations in the form of value, quality and style. It will be done having a clear understanding of your fundamental business requirements and providing strategic advantages being your business partner.


Arranging vendors is crucial and therefore we put maximum thoughts while selecting manufacturers for our valued clients. We  have  a  large  network  of  modern  and  high quality  sweater  and  circular knit  factories  with   infrastructure   of   spinning, dyeing, knitting and processing facilities. Our aim is to allocate the appropriate manufacturers to suit our customers’ best interest. Our vendors are categorized as A, B & C and offer our work order as per customer’s requirement. We have in our list some excellent vertically oriented compliant factories producing apparels for world renowned brands.

AGFL  arranges  development  of  different  types of samples like prototype, pre-production, photo, size-set, salesman sample arrangements of   approval for   samples and patterns,  grading  to  all  required  size  range  and  size sets  and  production  markers.  Sample  development includes  variety  of sweaters,t-shirts,  shirts,  shorts,  jackets, formal wear, track suits, boxers, blouses, camisoles, skirts, t-tops, night wear, intimate wear, knit tops, children wear, cargos,  trousers,  denims.





We help  your  company  be  ahead  by  sourcing items on your behalf in the local market in Bangladesh  as  well  as  India,  China,  Taiwan, Pakistan  and Hong Kong. We control quality of all fabrics and yarn inputs and coordinates timing of their procurement and imports and its timely delivery at manufacturers.
All fabrics are tested for colour fastness, fabric strength, flammability and other parameters set by our customers to ensure product satisfaction. Most commonly used yarns are Acrylic, wool, cotton, all blends, cashmere, jacquards, fancy yarns (eglurex slab, angora, pre-twisting) along with fabrics like cotton, twill, denim, polyester, nylon,  lycra,  viscose,  yarn  dyed  plaids,  stripes,  dobbies,  jaquards,  herring bones, yarn dyes, moss crepes, spandex, poly micro fibres, poly micro mesh, interlocks, knit piques, fleece, rib, jersey knit etc. 

AGFL  monitors  manufacturing  manually  and technically, from the yarn –weaving –fabric stages to finish  product,  on  site  in  order  to  closely  track  your  production to ensure that it adheres to your standards and  schedule  and  keep  you  regularly  updated  with your production. We identify any risk factors in the production of garments and discuss these risk factors with the manufacturer to resolve the problem. We  hold  production  meetings  with  the  production  staff  before  launching bulk  production  to  ensure  that  all  comments  given  prior  to  production approval will be implemented in production and that all possible problems  are discussed and corrective measures are implemented during production.

We maintain international AQL standard requirements from   the   yarn –weaving fabric   stages   to   finish product.  All our highly professional quality control personal   will   ensure   that   all   production   run   in accordance to AQL standard in order to eliminate any dissatisfaction and save you money and time. Please note during production our QC personnel always stationed at manufacturing sites.
We conduct quality control on all sizes and colors at three stages: 
    1.  At the initial input stage 
    2.  When 5% to 50% of the order has been completed 
    3.  Random check done at the packing stage.

Quality is emphasized in all the procedures and we follow many quality standards to meet all kind of lab test (Required by the buyer) to ensure that the garments we sell are within the requirements of our buyer. 



We at AGFL check all shipping documents as per buyer instructions /mentioned on the L/C and ensure that dispatch of documents as per dispatch instructions provided by arrival with intimation to buyers and clearing agents.

Product line

Our production includes all three segments of RMG which is rich in color, style, fabrication produced over the years for our valued clients. We are leading exporter of sweater & circular knit items along with woven for mens, womens and kids. The range of fabric, textile, yarns available is vast. Your search for the desired merchandise should end with us.


Sweater Yarn: Acrylic, wool, cotton, all blends, cashmere, jacquards, fancy yarns (eglurex slab, angora, pre twisting)

Gauges we offer : from 1.5gg up to 14gg

Our products: pullovers, cardigans, vests, dresses, hoodies, ponchos, scarves, jackets, Water Fall etc.

Style: embroidery, prints, washes, pc dyed etc


And we are equally competent in a vast variety of knitwear - tees, polos, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank-tops, dresses etc. & other extensive knit items in 100% cotton & blended variants with value addition as per your choice & requirement.

Knit fabrics: single jersey, interlock, rib, pique (single, double, honeycomb), cotton / polyester / blends, polar, three thread, French Terry, cvc fleece, cvcterry

Washes: stone, enzyme, silicon, overdyeing

Finishes: peaching, mercerizing, performance treatments

Style: prints, embroidery, appliqués, cut & sew


We have wide ranges of bottom collection to offer. In woven garments our progress is noteworthy as we are focusing on bottoms much more than before. Our vendors are carefully chosen to maintain quality and timely delivery of products to our valued clients.

Woven fabrics: twill, canvas, poplin, corduroy, linen, cotton, gabardine, bengaline, ripstop, papertouch, blends, all weights from 6 to 15oz, regular, stretch, textured (crosshatch, broken, twill etc), slub

Style: back and side pocket details, fashion fits/cuts, piping, embroidery/print details, appliqué

Washes: stone, enzyme, silicon, overdye

Finishes: whiskering, grinding, ozone treatment, shells/corals

Product we offer: chinos, cargos, formal, shorts, capris, skirts, cropped pants, ¾ length& denim

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